Holiday Tips and Pointers: Gift ideas for the pet and the owner

on Dec 22

56% of dog owners say they will buy their pets a gift this Christmas, while 48% of cat owners plan to. So as a pet owner, or a friend of one, what should you settle on for a holiday gift? It’s the same when it comes to Fido or Fluffy, it’s all about safety first.

How To Detect Pain In Your Dog

on Dec 13

Unlike people, dogs are selfless and do not complain. When a person gets something as small as a paper cut you’ll hear them whine for an hour about the pain, while dogs may not even produce a small whimper when faced with terrible pain. Some cases they may try to hide their pain and like […]

The Chewer: Identifying and Solving Dog Chewing Problems

on Dec 06

The Chewer Is it common for you to come home and your house is destroyed by your dog? While dogs have an excellent sense of smell and vision, their favorite way to explore something is to put their sense of taste to work. Dog’s can often injure themselves when they chew on objects around the […] free resources
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A male dog urinates with one leg up to better mark his territory

The scent can tell him many things, including size and health. The size is judged by the height of the stain. Male dogs although, do not actually need to lift their leg.