Choosing The Right Boarding Facility For Your Dog

on Oct 18 in Dog News

There are three important factors to take into consideration when choosing an appropriate boarding facility for your beloved pet. Choosing the correct facility is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. While you’re gone, you obviously want them to have the best comfort right? Then take these few tips from and you and your dog will have a wonderful vacation!

RESEARCH: First of all, where can you find your local boarding facilities? The internet is the main source of information in this day and age. Not computer savvy? No problem, the Yellow pages houses all of your local businesses. They may be listed under boarding kennels, pet facilities or even veterinarian clinics (some vet hospitals offer boarding). If you are a big fan of your family veterinarian, call them and ask them what your boarding options are if offered. When contacting the list of possible boarding facilities the first and most IMPORTANT question to ask is if they offer tours of their facility. If the answer is NO, I strongly suggest to not consider them for the boarding of your pet. The reason for this is because most trusted and high-end places will have nothing to hide.

TOUR: When touring the top-listers of your selections, keep in mind two things; the feeding schedule and the cleanliness. Many people will already have established a certain feeding schedule for your pet. It is important that the boarding places comply with these needs and follow your schedule request. The reason for this is because, the dog is already being re-located and everything is stressful, so the less changes the better. Also, will they allow you to bring to bring your pet’s own food from home? If so, check to make sure there is no added charge for them to feed your pet the food from home. Some boarding facilities will charge $6.00 or more everyday to just feed your pet his own food. You can also look for a 24-hour facility, however, these are rare throughout the country but ideal.

SIZE: The final thing to look at when you’re deciding on an extended stay kennel for your pet is the size and  the shape of the kennels. There is no such thing as a kennel that is too big for your dog, however, there is such a thing as it being too small. If a kennel is too small this will result in anxiety which means, you will come home to a very stressed out pooch! Some things to keep in mind when looking at the size of the kennels are, the size of your dog and how many dogs will be in the kennel. Also, pay attention to the energy level of the dogs that are sharing the kennel with yours and the energy level of your dog. If you dog is a large and energetic breed, he/she will obviously require a larger kennel then a smaller less energetic dog. Is your dog hyper? Dogs with high energy prefer a long skinny kennel so they can run and spend their energy. Ask the kennel operators how many hours per day your dog will spend in their kennel, this is also something that should determine the shape and size of the kennel. Also, the amount of days the dog will be spending at the boarding facility. A smaller sized kennel for a larger breed of dog is generally fine if it’s a short term stay (i.e. a few days at most). Keep in mind, all of this only being appropriate if the dog is let out during the day.

So before you leave Fido to board while you escape for a few days or weeks, remember to keep his best interests in mind! Just like picking a hotel for you and your family, there are certain accommodations that will make his/her stay happier, healthier and less stressful. With these three tips in mind, research, tour and size will help you determine the safety and sanctity of your pet’s extended stay facility. free resources
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