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How can I prevent kennel cough?

  • The first line of defense against kennel cough is definitely vaccination. Puppies should be vaccinated against adenovirus, parainfluenza, and distemper virus according to your veterinarian’s vaccination protocol to aid in the prevention of kennel cough. Typically, first vaccinations should be given around 8 weeks of age, and are boostered twice in the first year, then repeated annually after that. Puppies should also receive the Bordatella, or kennel cough vaccine. This vaccine may be given subcutaneously or intranasally, and depending on the manufacturer, may be first given as young as 2-4 weeks of age, but is usually recommended at 8 weeks of age. (Note: this is not a complete list of vaccinations that your puppy or adult dog should receive. For a complete vaccination schedule, consult your veterinarian.)
  • Aside from vaccination, the other line of defense against kennel cough is ensuring that your dog has a healthy immune system –> Dog-Gone Cough
  • Additionally, If you are aware of an outbreak of kennel cough at your local kennel, groomer, dog park, etc., you may want to try to avoid those places if possible for a few weeks to prevent your dog from contracting kennel cough.
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