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How is kennel cough diagnosed?

If you are concerned your dog may have kennel cough, you should definitely schedule a visit with your veterinarian. Usually he or she can diagnose kennel cough based on the symptoms, a physical exam, and your dog’s history. Your veterinarian may perform a transtracheal wash, a procedure in which a catheter is passed into the trachea, the trachea is flushed with a sterile solution to “wash” the trachea, and then the solution is collected and cultured to find out what virus or bacteria is causing the illness. It is important to understand that even if your dog has been vaccinated for kennel cough, that doesn’t mean he/she can’t still get kennel cough. Remember, the disease is complicated, and can be caused by many agents. There’s no simple blood test to diagnose kennel cough, but your veterinarian may recommend routine bloodwork to get an idea of the overall health of the dog. He or she may also take chest x-rays to assess the lungs and rule out more severe or complicated diseases.

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