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How long does kennel cough last?

After exposure to kennel cough, it can take anywhere from 3-10 days before the dog shows signs of infection. In most cases, the dog will respond to treatment in 10-14 days. However, it is important to finish all of the medications prescribed by your veterinarian, even if your dog seems to be feeling better. Additionally, you should keep the dog relatively quiet and allow him or her to rest for at least 2-3 weeks after infection. Vigorous exercise or too much activity can aggravate the symptoms of kennel cough. And most importantly, if your dog has kennel cough, keeping him or her from other dogs for at least 1-2 weeks is a MUST to prevent the spread of disease.

IMPORTANT: If your dog has kennel cough, keep him away from other dogs for at least 1-2 weeks. This is a must to prevent the spread of disease.

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