Pet Care For The Winter Months: Five Tips For Staying On Top

on Nov 03 in Dog News

Each season comes with it’s obstacles and precautions when it comes to pet care. Autumn is famous for it’s unpredictable weather, Summer is the heat and allergy season, Spring you have to watch out for ticks but what about Winter? You don’t have to deal with the bothersome heat beating down, or the tiring humidity however, this season comes with it’s own set of particular issues that you’ll have to keep an eye out for. Winter is the time of year that your pet requires that extra bit of care, keep your dog healthy and safe all year round no matter the season. Here are the 5 Steps To Staying On Top in those bitter Winter months.

Step 1: If you’re cold, most likely your pet is too. Most people assume their pets to be more hardy then them in the colder months, don’t jump to assumption here. Would you be warm enough naked under a fur coat in the middle of Winter? Absolutely not. Keep this is mind when walking your dog outside when the temperatures have dropped. Jackets, booties even hats can be purchased for your dog at any local pet store. Paws, tips and tails can get frostbite too so watch out when the weather’s frigid.

Step 2: Water, Water, Water! Yes, it may seem that it’s only important to have extra water around in the warmer months, However, it takes more energy to stay warm, and water is going to help provide your pet with that extra energy that they need. If it’s already freezing outside, would you want your only source of water to be a popsicle? No, so make sure the water stays unfrozen and is frequently changed and checked for spills. This is vital for winter survival especially for outdoor dogs!

Step 3: Outdoor dog? If your dog absolutely has to stay outdoors when it’s cold outside, then make sure that you first apply steps 1 and 2. Now, keeping in mind that you wouldn’t want to be outdoors all day long in the Winter, what kind of shelter are you providing? If Fido’s going to be in the backyard adequate shelter must be provided to him. Many states have laws that you must obey when it comes to this, so you might want to check those out. A warm, dry, draft free shelter such as a large dog house or a shed will keep your pooch out of the elements. Think to yourself, if you were outside what kind of shelter would keep you warm enough?

Step 4: Indoor pet? Pets that are kept indoors also have their own specific needs different to the outdoor pets. When it comes to diet of that doggy in the window, notice that your dog’s appetite changes in the Winter. Dogs will sleep more to conserve their energy for staying warm, so adjust the amount of food accordingly. They may not require as much food because their activity level has decreased, just as yours might too!

Step 5: Maintain activity level. Packing on the pounds to stay warmer in the colder times of the year is what bears do, not dogs! Since it’s cold outside, you may not want to go out for walks as often as you would in the Spring or Summer. Trust me, your dog still wants to. An overweight dog due to lack of exercise leads to many serious health problems, so put on the leash and leave the house for a bit. Keep in mind that the salt used to corrode away the ice on the sidewalks can be rough on your pet’s paws. Also, make sure you both maintain adequate body temperature and you’ll both enjoy and benefit from your winter walks!

In conclusion, just as every season does, Winter comes with a warning label when it comes to pet care. However, things such as exercising and activity level should not be seasonal. Pets, like people can pack on the pounds during these lazier months so keep up the activities and games! When it comes summertime you’re going to want your best friend to be in the best of shape, so don’t let the Winter ruin that for you. Follow these 5 tips for staying healthy during Winter and you’ll be seasonally ready for anything. free resources
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