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Dr. James St.Clair

Dr. James St. Clair, commonly referred to as “Dr. J”, is both a practicing veterinarian and passionate dog entrepreneur.
Dr. J’s passion for dogs and dog health is relentless.

Current Affiliations:

Owner of a thriving practice in Central Connecticut that is fully staffed & equipped with all of the latest technology, Dr. St. Clair has built this practice with all the diagnostic capabilities of a large specialty practice, while maintaining the family practice feel that his father established over his 40 year career. Dr. St .Clair is loved by his clients and highly sought after because of his passion and larger than life desire to understand, embrace and connect with both his clients and patients.

Owner of TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation, which is one of the nations largest animal physical therapy companies to date. Established in 2004, TopDog’s focus was on educating pet owners about how they could assist their dog’s recovery from major orthopedic surgeries, primarily dog cruciate ligament rupture. Over the years, TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation has been developing and licensing innovative products to assist and relieve pain associated with dog arthritis. This is a huge passion for Dr. St.Clair.

Co-Owner of Kala Health Inc., an international nutraceutical manufacturing company. In January 2010, Dr. St.Clair purchased a 50% stake in this incredibly promising young company. Kala Health’s core principles are to use only the highest quality ingredients produced with pharmaceutical standards and manufactured only in the USA.

Staff Veterinarian, Pet Edge. Established in 1956, as the New England Serum Company, PetEdge now manufactures and distributes over 12,000 products around the world. This multi-national corporation is now one of the world’s largest pet manufacturing and distributing companies for pet products geared at the independent retailers. PetEdge called upon Dr. St. Clair to develop, test, and assist in creating innovative and safe products.

Co-Owner of lifesadog, Inc. In 2006, Dr. St. Clair closed a local pet store that he called Lifes a Dog and, with the help of his brother, began manufacturing and developing new and innovative products under the Lifes a Dog brand. Lifes a Dog Inc. was embraced quickly due to its awesome dog treats called Rudy snacks. Dogs love them and the brand caught on quickly.

Past President of Hartford Veterinary Medical Association free resources
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A dog can locate the source of a sound in 1/600 of a second and can hear sounds four times farther away than a human can.