Dr. James - Veterinary Professional

What is Dog-Gone Cough?

Dog-Gone Cough was formulated by veterinarian Dr. James St. Clair, while working in conjunction with a 20-year veteran industry leader in pet supplements. It was developed to help support dogs immune systems when put under increased stress. According to Dr. St. Clair he was frustrated that dogs who were vaccinated were still contracting kennel cough, not just once but several times. In addition, Dr. St. Clair wanted to formulate a power-house anti-oxidant supplement for other sick patients to help them in their recovery process.

Supporting your dogs’ immune system is extremely important especially in times of increased stress or increased exposure to harmful pathogens. Dog-Gone Cough helps to support your dogs immune system through its blend of vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients that all work together to create an immune supporting power-house.

It has been shown that many antioxidants work synergistically, meaning they work together more effectively as a group verses individually on their own. No single antioxidant can protect against all conditions and that is why Dog-Gone Cough is made up of eight groups of the strongest and most effective natural antioxidants, 17 antioxidants in total.

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